Released Time Bible Class

Under Pennsylvania state law public school students are allowed to be released (with parent permission)
from school one hour per week (up to 36 hours a year) for religious instruction. 
CBM has provided this instruction in SWPA since 1970.
The work began in Greene county under the direction of Reba Miller and has grown to Fayette and Washington counties.  

CBM of SWPA ministers to over 800 school students on a weekly, by-weekly and monthly basis.

Classes range from preschool - 12th grade and are held during school hours, but off of school property. 
More than half of our students DO NOT attend church, so Released time is their ONLY source of Biblical instruction. 
CBM missionaries and many Christian volunteers make this outreach possible.
We are a non-denominational, non-profit organization. 

Transportation and materials are paid for through contributions of those who desire to see boys and girls know Jesus better. 
If you would like to help volunteer or support this ministry financially please contact our office for more info.

- Presents the Gospel

- Encourages Bible Memorization
- Gives Christian adults a viable outreach into their communities